At last, achieving your weight loss goals is possible.

Elite Health Institute builds a completely custom plan for you, to get you back to feeling great.

Elite Health Institute has just the right tools to help you achieve the weight loss goals you have been wanting for years. We create a custom plan just for your individual needs, factoring in your goals, current health, medical history, current lifestyle, and desired outcomes. We provide guidance throughout the process, ensuring that we’re always on the same page about your progress and motivation.

We use a lot of different methods to gauge where you are now to determine the best plan and goals to set. One of the main ways we can determine the needs of your customized plan is with your body mass index (BMI). Your BMI provides critical insight into your current health and body weight, and helps us determine how much weight you need to loose to meet your goals. BMI does not apply to certain individuals, such as pregnant women, muscular athletes, and children. Keep in mind, while BMI is a useful tool, it is by far not the only tool we use in determining your health and needs.

BMI Insight

< 20Underweight
35-39.9Severely obese
40-49.9Morbidly obese
> 50Very morbidly obsese

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