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Don’t let erectile dysfunction define your life.

ED is a common, age-related problem that many ignore as they get older. Even men not suffering from ED will notice some decline in their ability as their bodies change over time. The question is what you choose to do about it.

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t just affect you.

ED can have a real impact on your partner and relationship as well. Along with personal frustration, left untreated ED can cause feelings of inadequacy
or unfulfillment with your partner and lead to a disconnect with your relationship.

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  • Your partner feels it
  • You may feel inadequate
  • Personal frustration
  • Discontent relationship
  • Disconnected relationship

Benefits to our program include…

  • Harder and more sustainable erections
  • More intense orgasms
  • Increased confidence
  • Treat the root cause of ED
  • No downtime

Pharmaceutical companies want you to believe that taking a pill for the rest of our life with countless side effects is the best permanent solution to your ED. At Elite Health Institute, we don’t want you to fall for their advertising.

With one round of therapy, you can enjoy sustainable erections far into the future, without the need to remember to take a pill, putting a real hindrance to the spontaneity of your relationship.

How does Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy work?

Erectile function correlates with the level of blood flow to the penis. Utilizing pulsed acoustic waves to open existing blood vessels and create new blood vessels, our treatment is a groundbreaking sexual health solution. We use low-intensity shockwave therapy (an acoustic wave) that, when applied to the soft tissue of the male genitals, results in the repair of existing blood vessels and the growth of new blood vessels. This protocol allows the penis to accept more blood, leading to better quality erections.

Men's testosterone and erectile dysfunction services at Elite Health Institute in Lewis Center, Ohio

Learn More About PRP Therapy

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma.

PRP is in the category of regenerative autologous treatments, which means it comes from your own blood and can stimulate cellular regeneration and tissue repair. Platelets are one of the cells in our blood and when activated, they can release growth factors and other proteins.

How does it work?

Stem cells

The growth factors & proteins released by the high concentration of platelets in PRP in turn activate stems cells and stimulate cellular repair and regeneration wherever they are applied in the body. In addition, collagen production and the formation of new blood vessels occurs and further aids in tissue repair.

Is PRP right for me?

Common conditions

  • Decreased sensation and pleasure
  • Inability to achieve or maintain firmness during intercourse
  • Difficulty maintaining firmness until your partner is satisfied
  • Peyronie’s Disease – causing an angle that causes pain or inability to have intercourse
  • Personal relations strained because of ED

What are the benefits?

Treats causes of ED

  • Provides a potential solution for erectile dysfunction
  • Increases blood and nerve circulation to the penis
  • Improved strength and intensity of orgasms
  • Increases girth and length
  • Increased libido and penis sensitivity
  • Treats peyronie’s disease (curved penis)
  • Medical solution for lichen sclerosis (plaque build up)